Anna Marie Events: Providing Strategic Guidance to Corporate Teams For Better Event Planning

One of the ways we love to add value is helping in-house corporate event planning teams pull together a network of top-notch vendors to produce winning results for larger enterprises. Having managed many, large events, from conferences to sales meetings, we know how to execute these events from initial conception and event strategy all the way through on-site production and post-production debriefs.  In-house corporate event planning and marketing teams and their vendor teams can often benefit from our varied experience in large-scale corporate event planning in the following ways.

More Strategic and Creative Event Designs

Part of the strategy for creating memorable corporate events is choosing how the company brand, palette, messaging and personality are integrated into the design of the event. It’s important to create “a look” that is consistent and powerful, can be carried into subsequent events, will elevate the impression left on a corporate audience after the event, and instill pride and loyalty in a company’s employees over time. Integrating event elements from graphic elements and lighting to the food and beverage selections into a cohesive overall plan is one of our hallmarks at Anna Marie Events. We always proceed in close partnership with company event and marketing teams to ensure our client’s brand and personality come to life.

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Valuable Insights About Site/Venue Sourcing

Having deep networks in the event planning world pays off when you are quickly trying to pair an event of a certain size and budget with local venues. Savvy in-house event teams know they can shortcut this process by outsourcing this element of corporate event planning to a experienced professional.  An established event production agency is also able to do a thorough logistical review of sites to determine if they include all of the elements necessary for a specific client’s needs. Our relationships with venue managers pay off in terms of negotiation leverage regarding rental rates, special fees and venue services provided to clients.

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Detailed and Well Planned Event Production, Logistics and Purchasing

Organizing the production requirements for large corporate events can be a little daunting. It’s one thing if you have established, over time, a template for this based on prior events your company has produced, but if you don’t have this roadmap, you could be lost early in the process. We spend a lot of time developing show-flow outlines detailing “run of show” timing and requirements, which we can share with vendors well in advance of the event to maximize vendor performance and client satisfaction. If schedules look too tight, with the help of our vendor partners, we adjust them. If event elements look too logistically challenging, we regroup and revise. Contingencies are planned for in advance. Our expertise also comes in handy when in-house event teams are negotiating food and beverage contracts with a venue and related vendors.  Including guarantees, maximizing the efficiency of F&B dollar, providing incentives for wait staff performance, we know how to get maximum ROI on event investments.

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