Mentor Program

Don’t Miss Out on the Incredible ILEA-NCC Member Benefit!!

Did you know that one of the benefits of being a member of ILEA-NCC is our Mentorship program? It is open to ALL members at no extra cost to you. We’re looking for both Mentors and Mentees!

ILEA’s mission is to promote “creativity, inspiration, teamwork, education & relationships” between all of it’s members. The Mentorship program provides you the opportunity to experience each of these qualities, while also furthering your career, business and personal network within the Bay Area.




Pam’s Testimonial (Mentor) -

“I have an amazing mentee that I have bonded with and we bounce ideas back and forth. We discuss new ideas and methods on best practices as well as refer ILEA-NCC vendors.   It is not just a “one way street”, it is a great way to connect with another member and establish a trusted relationship.”

Joanna’s Testimonial (Mentee) -

I highly recommend the mentorship program to anyone who wants to broaden their professional horizons. Because of this mentorship, I was able to make a career change closer to what my end goal is, in an appropriate and manageable way and I’m very much looking forward to continuing this relationship, as well as helping benefit someone else’s professional development by becoming a mentor myself!



As a busy event professional I’m sure you are wondering if you even have enough time available to fully commit to such a program. That is why the monthly commitment is only two hours per month. This is easily enough time for you to seriously benefit from being either a mentor or mentee. Regardless of who you choose to be paired with, you will find the one-on-one discussion & support invaluable to your business moving forward. You can work on the phone or in person- whatever you both feel is best.

Some of the great benefits both mentors & mentees receive by participating in this program are:

  • The opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone & grow as a person while in a supportive environment.
  • Stronger local personal connections & grow your business network (the reason most of us join & pay for ILEA membership)
  • Help each other work through problems & learn what works from our peers
  • Feel great by giving back to the community


Is This For Me?

We encourage all of our ILEA-NCC members to participate in this program, and we especially encourage more Mentors to step-up and participate. You may feel like you are not the right person to be a Mentor or you don’t have enough experience.  But, if you have worked for over 3 years full-time in the events industry then you are the right person & you have valuable experience to share. Take this opportunity to grow and evolve by mentoring a willing newcomer to the industry.


Simply click on the following links if you would like to apply to join this free mentorship program as a mentor or as a mentee.  You will be taken to a short sign-up form that will allow us match you with your perfect partner.


  • 3 month commitment
  • 2 hours per month (calls or in-person meetings)
    • Required to introduce your mentee to your ILEA network at a minimum of (1) ILEA Event
    • (1/2) Day shadow opportunity
    • Suggested topics to for the mentor to cover with their mentee:
      • Marketing & sales (social media, proposal creation, networking, getting referrals)
      • Business admin, How you organize your business (Outlook, Googledocs, Quickbooks etc)
      • Business growth hacks (useful software, SOPs, growing your team)
      • Business advice specific to the Bay Area
      • Tailoring your resume and cover letter
      • Mindset
  • Feedback your experience to the Mentorship Committee 


Mentor Fields of Expertise

  • Special Event Facility
  • Event Planner
  • Catering/Beverage
  • Entertainment
  • Decorating/Props/Scenery
  • Equipment/Rentals
  • Hotels
  • Photographer
  • Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner
  • Other



Can I apply to be a Mentor & a Mentee?

  • Definitely.  If you have the time to commit to both then this is highly encouraged.


Apply to be a Mentor.
Apply to be a Mentee.