Chapter Goals

Theme: "Be Evolutionary"

PRESIDENT, Emily Dreblow

  1. To build a strong Board or Directors focusing on the 2016-2017 theme of “Be Evolutionary,” encouraging Board to embrace change, build off of existing initiatives and bring forth new and creative ideas.  Create board mentor pairings with new and veteran board members to support the development of the Board.

  2. Support the Executive Committee by attending at least one committee meeting lead by each Executive Committee member and host monthly executive meeting via conference call (likely the first Tuesday of every month.)

  3. Focus on devising strategies to promote the ILEA Brand and the Core Values both at the Board and the Chapter level.

  • Maintain and improve the value to our members:

  • Work with Communications Committee to ensure we are educating our members about the name change and new brand

  • Educate on benefits of ILEA:  ILEA Live!, Esprit Awards, CSEP, Spirit of Excellence Awards, Board of Governor and national committee positions.  

  • Create and administer member-value surveys

  • Validate and acknowledge sponsor support and contributions by making face-to-face contact with 3 sponsors at each event.  

  • Collaborate with nonprofit community and Education and Programs Committee to bring back our ‘Charitable Giving’ program and collect donation items at 5 of our Educational Programs.  Facilitate one community service project with the Board and/or Members Only event.

  • Write and send 10 thank you notes per month.  

  1. Integrate Gala Co-chairs into Board meetings and assign Gala liaison from Board of Directors.

  2. Establish a succession plan before February 15, 2017.

  3. Take the CSEP exam during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.


PRESIDENT-ELECT, Sintia Kawasaki-Yee

  1. Review previous year’s outreach to prospective Strategic Sponsors by August 30, 2016 and create an outreach plan by September 9, 2016.

  1. Develop social media campaign for outreach to secure additional sponsors and highlight offerings by current Strategic Sponsors including written and video content for newsletter and social media platforms.  

  1. Coordinate with the Board and Committees to ensure proper treatment and handling of Strategic Sponsor relationships are handled with care and coordinated effort. ‘ILEA Relationship Management check-in and follow-up’ will be part of my monthly board meeting report.

  1. Check in with each VP once a month to ensure that they are on track with their goals and have the support they need, including attending 1 committee meeting per month.

  1. Sign on 3 new strategic partners or advertisers by July 1, 2017.  

  2. Establish a succession plan before February 1, 2017.



  1. Schedule quarterly meetings with Advisory committee and establish goals for 2016-17 before September 30, 2016.

  2. Schedule at least five Deep Dive sessions and promote as a benefit to ILEA members before December 31, 2016.

  3. Attend at least three Deep Dive sessions during the fiscal year.

  4. Sit in on at six committee meetings during the fiscal year.


1. Continue to grow likes on all social media channels (FB, Instagram, Twitter) and continue using hashtags for brand awareness (#ILEAcreativity #ILEAteamwork, #ILEAinspiration, #ILEAeducation, #ILEArelationships #MyILEA.)

Get to at least 1000 followers & post at least 200 times on Instagram (started at 149 posts- 873 followers to start)

Facebook up 1700 followers (started at 1450)

Twitter up to 1700 (started at 1400 followers)

2.     Set up an ILEA Hootsuite account as a central location to monitor & post to social media channels.

3. Regular communications via email newsletter with a new look & feel (& potentially updated sections)

4.     Use communications channels (social media, blogs) as another member & sponsor benefit (i.e.sharing member content & blogs.) (list of needs for strategic sponsor)

5.     Look for ways to expand what we do with press releases to gain more exposure for the organization.

6.     Use communications this year to tell the ILEA name change story.

7. Start regular posting on LinkedIn page.


VP OF MEMBERSHIP, Amanda Holding

  1. Increase new membership by 5% and increase student membership by 3%. Maintain a 75% retention rate.

  2. Produce 5 new member orientations and 3 member recruiting happy hours during the 2016/2017 year.

  3. Reengage long-term members with at least one personal phone call, and meeting in person with at least 1 person per month (per committee member).

  4. Compile/update list/pamphlet of member benefits to use as promotion/outreach to new/renewing members.

  5. Improve recognition of raffle prize donors at programs. Improve process of having physical raffle items at programs/ process of getting prizes to winners.

  6. Embrace partnership with programs & communications to maximize opportunities to increase membership rates via social media outreach & promotion of programs

  7. Put 1 person in charge of each of the following tasks on membership committee:

    1. Raffles

    2. Student Memberships

    3. Renewals

    4. Prospective Member Happy Hours

    5. Long term member re-engagement



  1. Reinvent programs so guests are engaged and excited;  2 out of 5 Education programs to take place in the evening.

  2. Increase post program survey responses.

  3. Introduce relevant content with members that address CMP or CSEP

  4. Increase attendance at Education programs by 5% by June 30, 2017;

  5. Solicit  strategic sponsors and members as sponsors first; restrict this opportunity to our current membership first.

  6. Source new and engaging venues to accommodate larger attendance.

  7. Acknowledge and thank sponsors via table signs and from podium.

  8. Present 1 ILEA member story at each program

  9. Collaborate on messaging with Membership committee on raffle and possible cross sponsorship for raffle items.